Pirate's-Ransom-Cover-for-webWaterhaven Media congratulates our author E.J. Blaine on the launch of his short story, Pirate’s Ransom.

It’s the golden age of piracy, and in a dank dungeon cell somewhere in the Caribbean, Thomas McKenzie tells the story of how he came to be mistaken for the dreaded pirate Captain Ezekiel Crow.

A mild-mannered maker of artificial limbs and amateur parrot breeder, McKenzie’s simple life is turned upside down as he finds himself in a desperate race against time to save his brother from the hangman’s noose. McKenzie must confront deadly pirates, strange voodoo magic, and even stranger creatures in a quest that takes him to the pirate island of Tortuga and beyond, into uncharted waters from which no man has returned alive!

Pirate’s Ransom is a 5,500 word short story available now on Amazon for Kindle devices and apps, and available for free through Kindle Unlimited.