Waterhaven Media published a new John Crane novella, Sneakernet, which is the third book in author Mark Parragh’s John Crane spy adventure series. The series follows John Crane, a covert U.S. agent who turns private for a young Internet billionaire who has aspirations to save the world.

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Mark Parragh's Sneakernet
Mark Parragh’s Sneakernet

Sneakernet takes John Crane and tech support expert Georges Benly Akema to Iceland to retrieve a data recording device from a supercomputing facility attacking cybernetic security systems around the world. But when Crane is discovered, his mission goes from simple breaking and entering to a desperate manhunt across the barren Icelandic back country. A relentless enemy and a landscape that offers no place to hide will test John Crane’s skills and determination to the limit. And when Georges puts himself at risk in a daring plan to save his hero, he will learn that courage only goes so far in the field, and it’s when the courage runs out that we find out who we truly are.

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