John Crane returns in his biggest adventure yet, Wrecker, the latest novel from series author Mark Parragh.  Now available on, Wrecker is the second full-length John Crane adventure. The new novel greatly expands the world established in the series debut, Rope on Fire and the novella-length Crane adventures Bird Dogs and Sneakernet.

“It was time for a second full-length Crane novel,” said Waterhaven Media Director of Strategy and New Product Development Nina Sullivan. After launching the series with Rope on Fire, Mark Parragh quickly released a pair of novella-length adventures that showed readers how broad the scope of John Crane’s world could be. Bird Dogs and Sneakernet took John Crane to very different parts of the world and presented him with different missions and challenges. “Bird Dogs and Sneakernet worked very well to show how varied the John Crane stories would be,” said Sullivan. “The next step was another novel to dig a little deeper into his world.”

Wrecker takes John Crane to Mexico, where he finds himself fighting a ruthless narco cartel, and with even more dangerous enemies using the cartel as cover. The battle rages from the high deserts of the Sierra Madre to the glittering waters of the Baja Peninsula, and will introduce John Crane to new allies, new enemies, and a mysterious, blue-haired woman who could be either, or maybe both.

Wrecker opens up Crane’s world,” said author Mark Parragh. “Rope on Fire was all about introducing Crane, so it focused in pretty tightly on him. This time, Josh Sulenski gets to play a more active role, and there are a couple supporting characters who will be very important to the series going forward. I like where this book takes Crane’s relationship with Josh, and it sets up some things that will be huge in Shot Clock, the next Crane novel. I’m really proud of Wrecker, and I hope the fans who embraced Rope on Fire will enjoy this one too.”

Wrecker is now available exclusively for the Amazon Kindle, either for sale or through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program.